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About Chris Cargill

    Having lived in Oklahoma for most of my life, I have been inspired by the history, landscapes and urban design of the  46th state.  From the stories of the Native Americans to the "newspaper of the street," my art is born to continue their dialogue.


     My wife and I love to travel and one of our favorite destinations is Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was after a visit there in the Fall of 2011 that I was inspired to start painting professionally. 

I thank each of those who give words of encouragement along my journey; and a special thanks to those who have chosen to display my art in their private collections. 

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3dM Metal Arts


I have been involved in art pretty much my whole life. I have drawn, painted, worked with leather, done woodworking, but METAL always “pulls me back in” (said with my best Al Pacino voice). I love everything metal (including the music).

If you see something you like please email me and lets see that it becomes yours!  If you have an idea, please contact me and we can make it a reality for you!  Nothing should stand between imagination and reality!



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